Relationship Between Sexuality and Breastfeeding

Relationship Between Sexuality and Breastfeeding - The combination of sexuality and breastfeeding is a topic that is somewhat ignored, but very important. Hormonal changes can cause physical and emotional consequences that can affect a couple's life. However, with love and love, this problem can be overcome.

No doubt, the arrival of babies gives great pleasure and brings joy to home. After all, new members light up everyone's life. However, a number of issues related to sexuality and breastfeeding emerged.

During pregnancy there are almost no intimacy problems. However, sometimes, hormonal changes carry some side effects during breastfeeding.

Relationship Between Sexuality and Breastfeeding

Sexuality and breastfeeding: hormonal consequences

Breastfeeding is determined by the action of hormones. After giving birth, sucking a baby to feed stimulates the production of a hormone called prolactin.

This hormone affects milk production and slows the release of estrogen and testosterone. Therefore, there is a significant decrease in libido.

With this, a woman's body experiences several changes such as dryness in the vagina, heat and irritation, symptoms similar to menopause.

However, changes in every woman are completely different. That is why it is very important to understand that they are mortal. In general, this change may take around three to four months to return to normal.

Physical consequences of breastfeeding

Another aspect that affects sexuality and breastfeeding is physical change. During the first days of birth, babies tend to demand a lot of attention, which causes more fatigue and sleep.

No doubt, this ultimately affects sexual relations. In this period, it was more difficult to find the right moment or this moment was interrupted by the cry of the child.

In the case of a woman giving birth with a normal birth, there is an episiotomy problem because it makes sexual intercourse painful, makes pleasure difficult. P

Therefore, it is recommended to start sexual intercourse with penetration using lubricants to combat drought. In addition, bet on caresses, games, and affection to deal with the situation.

Emotional effects during breastfeeding

Another factor that is very important in the postpartum period and which affects sexuality and breastfeeding is an emotional effect. During the first days and even weeks, the relationship between mother and baby is greatly strengthened.

This is caused by endorphins, which overproduction creates a loving environment between mother and child. Therefore, all attention, affection and tenderness is directed at the baby.

This is an aspect that must be approached with open communication, hugs, affection and demonstrations of affection, but without involving sex. Often, the man feels rejected and feels that his partner has changed.

How to have sex while breastfeeding?

Gradually continuing the couple's sex life can be a little uncomfortable. First, there is postpartum physical discomfort and hormone action.

There is also frequent loss of milk that can occur during sexual intercourse. This happens because oxytocin is activated by sexual arousal. However, this is an aspect that can be ignored to take advantage of that moment.
"Prolactin affects milk production and slows the release of estrogen and testosterone. Therefore, there is a significant decrease in libido"

Is it possible to feel pleasure while breastfeeding?

Yes, this is possible. There are cases of women who even reach orgasm while breastfeeding. This might make some women confused and also feel guilty.

However, it occurs because of hormonal action and there is no hatred in it. This only happens because oxytocin is released during this process, that is, the same hormone that contracts the uterus and is produced during sexual stimulation.

Advice for healthy sexuality and breastfeeding

Having sex during breastfeeding can cause discomfort and insecurity. However, it is possible to fully utilize this moment with the following recommendations :
  • Try to remain calm and open-minded. Choose moments when you relax.
  • To feel safe, use several contraceptive methods that are permitted during breastfeeding.
  • Communicating with your partner is very important. Discuss what you want to do and the limits that you want to make while normalizing your physical condition, including.
  • Do not stay still or stand with discomfort or pain. However, intimacy must be enjoyed by both.
  • Don't feel guilty about losing milk. See this as a natural and temporary process.
  • Take the time you need and ask for your partner's support. This will allow you to stay relaxed and enjoy the relationship until you reach normal again.
  • In short, sexuality and breastfeeding should not be a combination that interferes with a couple's life. Remember to communicate and seek support at times when the hormones are most unstable.
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