25 Kids Games that You Have to Try

As a parent, you certainly think about what games your child can play, have fun, and, above all, learn. In this article we give you a compilation of 25 Kids Games that You Have to Try !

Learning is for everyone and pleasure is guaranteed! Also, find out what each consists of and know how to play it by clicking on the link that will take you to the review of each application!

25 Kids Games that You Have to Try

Kids Games

Surprise your child and download an application that you are sure you will like. The best part is that most of the games on this list are free and available for iOS and Android systems. Also see the best apps for your little one and the best iPhone board game!

1. Zig Zig Zaa

We started with an application dedicated to small children. Zig Zig Zaa is a game for iOS and Android that your kids love! It contains several games, which are appropriate and "developed by pedagogues who specialize in management, early childhood education and an inclusive approach in children's education, knowing the importance of development and learning in childhood."

All parents who are afraid to download certain applications to their children can be 100% safe with this application. It's very pedagogical and suitable for your children and even has a special built area for you where you can see some tips, a collection of Zig Zig Zaa games, plus a weekly tip.

2. The Gathering

In this second application, we continue with a theme dedicated to small children! The Turma da Galinha Pintadinha application offers users several children's songs, such as: "Lava Mano", "O Meu Galinho" and "Pintinho Amarelinho". In terms of usage, users will have no problems.

The operation of this application is very simple: start by downloading the main application and then downloading the clip you want. On devices with the Android operating system, songs are free, but on iOS each costs $ 0.99. After installation, the user must click on the story icon and forward it to the video.

3. Prom Night Makeover

The Prom Night Makeover application is an educational game where users can dream of the prom day! So you have to train and help your virtual character get ready for the party.

Users start at the Spa, switch to makeup and choose the perfect outfit for their character. Note that Prom Night Makeover is a free application to play, but there are purchases within the application.

4. Tap Children

Tap Kids is an application for all boys and girls who want to learn various topics. Each game has learning objectives: color, basic math, animal names, etc. When defining a challenge, several images will be displayed, according to the chosen theme. The goal is to get the right answer in the fastest possible time. However, if you make a mistake, the user will receive a penalty that will affect the final result.

5. Cooking Mama Seasons

Cooking Mama Seasons is a game where kids can prepare various famous recipes. You can do this more relaxed or enter contest mode. You can even buy recipes.

The best of all is Mama's Cooking Season is very simple. Users will play with Mama's character who gets angry when you miss a task in the kitchen and are happy when you can complete the task successfully.

6. Touch Hair Salon 2

At Toca Hair Salon it is presented to users of various tools for their hair, from magic creams to various shavers, scissors, paints and rollers. Young children can enjoy the work of a real hairdresser and use their creativity to make various hairstyles in all characters in Toca Hair Salon 2. The action is very easy to do, but again the game doesn't have any type. tutorial, so users can be a little confused at first.

Users only need to press the tool to select it and then move their finger over the target hairstyle to see the effect in action. Don't worry about the fact that the move, select, drag and drop interface seems a little intuitive, because even small children can quickly reach their destination.

7. Happy Family

In the Happy Family application, users can realize various characters in the family (father, mother, son and daughter). The aim of the game is for users to build a number of items in their garden that can provide happiness for their families (toys for children, parks, and flower beds for mothers, benches for leisure for fathers, and many others).

In addition, users must make their families happy through caresses between characters, so interact with your husband or wife (give him flowers, kiss, or ask all family members to be together), this will help make your character happy. It's very rare for children to get bored playing this application!

8. Smallest Pet Shop

For me, one of the greatest values ​​that can be instilled in children since childhood is that animals are our friends and must be treated with respect. The Littlest Pet Shop application for the Android and iOS operating systems is therefore a good game for kids. Besides that, it has very colorful graphics and fuzzy and funny animals.

The goal here is to make, from a shop, to create a city. There are dogs, cats and even ponies, but they all have unusual colors, like pink and light blue. They also don't behave exactly like real animals, they are a bit humane (they play volleyball and eat foot snacks), but they still need you to survive. In addition, they feel love, affection, pleasure, hunger, thirst, uncleanness among many others. Is your child ready to face all this?

9. Small Dentist

The aim of the Little Dentist game is for users to leave their clients' teeth in perfect condition. This application is available for the Android and iOS operating systems. This is necessary for cleaning, brushing, removing cavities and even removing damaged teeth.

This is a very simple and fun game to play. With that, besides children having fun, they will learn to take care of their own teeth. This is a type of game that also develops children's motor skills, because it requires some specific movements for each type of activity.

10. Toy Story: Smash It!

Of course users already know Buzz Lightyear, Woody and other Toy Story crews for their fantastic widescreen adventures around the world. So now let's talk about the games of these little heroes! Toy Story: Smash This is a block game that has a little Angry Birds embedded in it.

When crime threatens innocent people, Buzz Lightyear is forced, with honor and Star Command, to end the danger. There are bonus points if he manages to destroy as much property as possible to restore peace. Toy Story: Smash It! is a 3D game that has a lot of things kids love: Toy Story movie casts, great visual effects, and reasons to throw items at the tower block.

11. Extraordinary Paper Toys

What if users can combine small games with apps for younger ones to have fun? Now with this cool Paper Toy maybe! Users only need to take scissors, glue and work with real paper toys, from the application! In addition, each toy has special features, such as: flying, catapult effect, keep moving, animation, in short, this and many others.

To get access to this application, just download Awesome Paper Toys, print instructions or track through paper on your iOS device and follow the instructions on the screen and make a variety of handicrafts with these nine paper toys with all types of resources.

12. Coco Girl

If users remember well, before, in almost all sites that make games for the web, there is always a game section for girls. If you are one of the girls who play this application, Coco Girl, it will look very similar to one of those games. In this application users can create their virtual dolls and take pictures at the end for printing.

In the Facebook application, Coco Girl, users must make their dolls and change their hair, eyes, nose, facial expressions ... all like other games that are already known to girls. However, after doing so, the user creates his character, gives him a name and follows a fashionable life. It's like working in an industry, the difference is that in Coco Girl, you don't need to work, you just need to complete daily tasks and get coins in small games that are in the application.

13. Speaking of Ginger

Talking Ginger is an application for iOS and Android made for the Talking Friends collection from the OutFit7 company. Ginger imitates what you say and everyone can see what he says, as in the Talking Tom Cat application.

This is very simple to handle in this application and is very ethical: this cat has a face that is rather hairy, hairy and sometimes just grabs and spoils it. Besides, whatever you do for Ginger, he will always be happy. You can't beat him or treat him badly, he can only tickle, pull his cheek and give a party and he will like it all. 

14. Fluffy Tale

We go back to little creatures! Fluffy Tale is a pet based game. Users can treat many beautiful and beautiful pets such as: dogs and cats.

In addition you can decorate your home with various jewelry and items. On Fluffy Tale, users receive their first pet during the tutorial and when it ends, users can buy more pets freely and whenever they carry a coin, or follow the instructions on the left side of the screen to find out when is the best time to buy another pet, as well as the steps you must follow until you buy another animal.

15. Monster, Inc. Run it

If we only talk about characters in Toy Story, now we talk about other famous characters too! The Monsters from the movie Monsters and Company! IPhone Monsters, Inc. application Run, is an amazing game that is very similar to the Super Mario and Sonic classics, but with some differences. To begin with, let's talk about the main character.

Mike and Sully are the two main characters in this great game. Best of all, this game is about the film's storyline. Even if without showing Boo (the missing child), or another character, the purpose of this application is to save it also in the movie.

16. Evil My Favorite: Minion Rush

Now some newer characters! Minion Rush is a movie game My Evil Favorite! Surely the user will remember the friendly accomplices, fun and groping the little yellow monsters. Take a deep breath and ... don't worry! This is an accomplice, which is the character in this application! Game My Favorite Evil: Minion Rush is an unlimited racing game.

Users control virtual characters who run obstacles without stopping, jumping and deflecting, and have no purpose to reach a specific location. The goal is to run as much as you can by collecting coins and other objects along the way to score points.

17. University Monsters: Archie Catch

Once again we return to the adorable character of the film Monsters and Company! This time the little monsters are still in college. University of Monsters: Archie's catch starts with Mike and Sulley in the university dormitory. Then there was Archie, a six-legged pig, who ran across the room and jumped out the window. Mike runs behind him, and that's where the game starts. This, similar to the previous application, is an endless racing game!

As usual in this racing game, Mike will find many obstacles along the way. You have to turn it right or left, jump or slide. If Mike hits one of the obstacles, he stops running and loses time. This can cause him to no longer reach Archie, so you must avoid this obstacle. In addition, this reduces your final score.

18. Where is my Perry?

Now it's not a movie character but a Disney cartoon. In the Where's my Perry game ?, you will have at every stage of the scenario where Perry, or P agent, is trapped in the compartment and you need to release him. Catch outlets can only be opened with water or steam. If you make one of these elements reach this compartment to trigger the opening of this trap, you can ensure that Agent P can exit.

At each stage you will find water or steam in one or more places. But putting water or steam into the compartment to open the trapdoor is not as simple as it sounds. This makes the game more addictive and challenging.

19. Turbo Racing League

Keep talking about known characters! One of the ways filmmakers find ways to promote their work is to launch an application before the film is released. Of course each application is related to each premiere. We have this example in Turbo Racing League!

This film is about small garden slugs who dream of becoming the fastest animal in the world. The name of the snail is Turbo and after a nitrous oxide spill accident, it will be very fast. Something that clearly makes your dreams come true. In this section, leave the Turbo Racing League game. Addictive and quite fun application. Of course it's the main promotion food for this film, however, it doesn't leave a bad first impression.

20. My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic

Now it's the turn of the user to become a hero and save the realm of this horse from the My Little Pony - Friendship is magic application. This story is about two horse sisters who rule the colorful and happy world of ponies. The sister has always been the owner of kindness and wisdom, the youngest has begun to get certain crimes. His desire is to hold the horse in every way in the dark of the night. For years he couldn't, because he was stuck on the moon.

However, he could break away a little earlier, and already had several ponies in the dark. Luckily there was a young woman who managed to escape. This foal, along with his friends, must fight the younger sister and loosen all the horses from the threat of eternal darkness. Will users be able to control this brave horse and bring it to the success of its mission ?

21. Disney City Girls

Disney City Girl is a web application for Facebook. This application tells about a girl who lives in a small city. His main dream is to live in a big American city in New York. One day he went to New York and there he asked a friend to help him find an apartment. The rest is up to the user, who needs to walk in the path of his character.

22. Playmobil Pirates

On Playmobil Pirates, users are pirates who try to capture the pirate Blackbeard. You find yourself on an island, where you can gather your crew, make friends, collect property, sail, etc.

Most of the mechanism of this game will feel familiar to you, especially for those who have played some Gameloft applications. The mechanism might be similar, but the game is different.

23. Favorite Society

We have now included the last four applications for children! The theme of this is animals, so let's start with pets at Pet Society. Pet Society is a very good Facebook web game! The user must make, at first, his pet.

Once done, you will have your home to decorate, feed, play, etc. It's very simple to learn because the tutorial teaches you everything easily.

24. Where is my Water?

The main character at Where's My Water? is Swampy Alligator. He sat in the bathtub waiting for water to reach him to take a shower. And you need to get water to get there. It is true that he is rather lazy and you are starting to pay attention to the small belly in this new friend! At each stage, the user will see a scene where water somewhere will need to somehow enter the Swampy bath.

Between water and bathtub there will be many moving elements. You have to find out where the elements that turn on or turn off their movements. This includes the crank you need to turn, the fan to direct the water, and more. The developers are very creative in preparing scenarios, there is no doubt. This application is very similar to what we wrote a little above: Where is my Perry? 

25. Karang Nemo

Users also have to remember this character from the Disney Finding Nemo movie? Well, the application doesn't go around the film. Here, users don't have to look for Nemo.

Players must help two Nemo clown fish and their father Marlin to build the best coral in middle school. To build the most beautiful and healthy reef, users will follow a series of instructions. If you follow all steps, you will quickly be able to pass that level.
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